Text as data & data in the text

Studying conflicts in post-Soviet spaces through structured analysis of textual contents available on-line

A project led by Giorgio Comai, researcher and data analyst at OBCT/CCI, carried out with the support of the Italian MFA (see below for details and disclaimers).

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kp.ru_ru All items published in the politics section of Komsomolskaya Pravda dataset,Russian media,Russian language
ng.ru_ru All items published on Nezavisimaya Gazeta dataset,Russian media,Russian language
zavtra.ru_ru All items published on the website of the Russian weekly magazine ‘Zavtra’ dataset,Russian media,Russian language
kremlin.ru_ru All items published on the Russian language version of the Kremlin’s website dataset,Russian institutions,Russian language
kremlin.ru_en All items published on the English language version of the Kremlin’s website dataset,Russian institutions,English language
1tv.ru_ru All items published on the Pervy Kanal (1tv.ru) dataset,Russian media,Russian language
No matching items


The tutorials are mostly based on castarter - Content Analysis Starter Toolkit for the R programming language, and will target users with beginner or beginner-intermediate coding skills. As the package gains new features, the tutorials will become more accessible; eventually, some of them will be accessible to users with no coding experience at all.

A draft version of the documentation for the package castarter is already available online. Both documentation and functionalities of the package will mature in the coming months.

Funding and disclaimers

This project is hosted by OBCT/CCI. It is carried out with the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation under art. 23 bis, D.P.R. 18/1967. All opinions expressed within the scope of this project represent the opinion of their author and not those of the Ministry.

Le posizioni contenute nel presente report sono espressione esclusivamente degli autori e non rappresentano necessariamente le posizioni del Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale”