Local media and institutional news sources in Russia-held territories in Ukraine and beyond

A dataset with basic details about relevant online sources


Giorgio Comai


February 7, 2023


March 13, 2023


This page is still a work-in-progress. It is shared in the spirit of keeping the research process as open as possible, but it still a draft document, possibly an early draft: incomplete, unedited, and possibily inaccurate. Datasets included may likewise not be fully verified.


This document introduces a dataset with basic details about online sources that are relevant to this research. These include not only sources from or about Russia-held territories in Ukraine, but also other online sources that may be relevant either as a term of reference (e.g. local media in neighbouring Russian regions or contested territories elsewhere in the post-Soviet space) or because of their direct or indirect impact (e.g. national media in Russia, Ukraine).

This is a work in progress and unlikely to ever reach a state where it can be considered complete. Indeed, I add sources that may be of relevance as I advance in my research or as I encouter them serendipitously.

Its purpose is to keep a systematic record of relevant sources that can be used as a starting point for more specific research questions, and grow as a result.

The full dataset can be downloaded as a .csv file. Full metadata specification is likewise available as a .csv file


Allegiance is provided only in reference to local media and institutions in contested territories when it is immediately apparent and obvious. Independent sources or others whose allegiance is not self-evident are all recorded as “other”. The field allegiance is not relevant for sources not specifically related to contested territories (e.g. it is not used for national Russian or Ukrainian media).

Media or other online sources reporting news from or about Russia-held territories in Ukraine

Allegiance to Russia

Allegiance to Ukraine


Local institutions of Russia-held territories in Ukraine

Allegiance to Russia

Allegiance to Ukraine


Russian national media

Russian national institutions

Metadata specification

The table with metadata description includes a technical specification and a brief description for all fields included in the full dataset available for download:

id, domain_id, wikidata_id, date_recorded, url, news_section_url, base_state, entity, allegiance, category, medium, language, name_original, self_described_as, name_en, description_en, activity_start, activity_end, earliest_available_online, license, telegram, vkontakte, twitter, facebook, instagram, tiktok, youtube, rutube, odnoklassniki, yandex_zen, tiktok, fediverse.

The full metadata specification is available as a .csv file, as well as in the table below.

Datasets available for download