Russian media
Russian language
All items published on the Pervy Kanal (1tv.ru)

Giorgio Comai


March 13, 2023


This is an early release of the dataset metadata. Further context and quality checks will be added. The dataset itself cannot be shared due to copyright restrictions.

Summary statistics

Dataset name: 1tv.ru_ru

Dataset description: all items published on Pervy Kanal

Start date: 1998-12-22

End date: 2023-09-12

Total items: 454 145

Available columns: id; url; title; date; datetime; description; keywords; author; text

From the graphs, it appears that starting with 2022 the number of items published has increased, but the length of text for each of them has decreased significantly. Indeed, it is more common to find in textual form just a brief summary of the news reported rather than a full transcript of the video. This is due to have significant impact on content analyses that rely on this dataset.