Russian institutions 2024

This is a collection of text datasets based on contents extracted from the websites of Russian institutions.

This is a stable release.

The name of each corpus is composed of the bare domain name, a two letter code of the main language of the contents, and the year of release of the dataset, separated by an underscore, e.g. kremlin.ru_ru_2024.

Dataset format

Datasets are published as compressed csv files (.csv.gz), as well as in .ods format.

In line with the tif standard, each corpus has a few standard columns, as well as additional metadata depending on availability:

  • the first column is always doc_id, and is composed of the bare corpus name (based on base domain of the source and language) and a numeric id, separated by an underscore. For the Russian version of Kremlin’s website, such id would look as follows: kremlin.ru_ru_12345 (where 12345 is the numeric id associated with the given item). Numeric identifiers have no inherent meaning; their order may be substantially meaningless. If the original source website includes in the url a unique numeric id, this is maintained in the doc_id; otherwise an id is given at database creation (and the order numbering may depend on the way the extraction process was implemented). This format allows to combine datasets, ensuring doc_id is still unique.
  • the second column is always text: this is the main text included in the source page
  • the third colums is always title
  • the fourth colums is always date
  • other time-related fields, such as time and datetime, may follow if available (time and date refer to the original publication timezone; in this release, this is always Moscow’s time)
  • additional columns include fields and metadata, depending on availability of contents: this may include substantive text contents (e.g. a separate lede or description field), categories, tags, location, author, additional identifiers, etc.
  • finally, url is always the last column

doc_id and url are unique and always present. In all of these datasets, also date is always present.

Summary statistics

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institution website language corpus name start date end date n_items
Russia’s president en kremlin.ru_en_2024 1999-12-31 2023-12-31 33 165
Russia’s president ru kremlin.ru_ru_2024 1999-12-31 2023-12-31 45 538
Russia’s MFA ru mid.ru_ru_2024 2003-01-02 2023-12-31 55 644
Russia’s MFA en mid.ru_en_2024 2003-01-04 2023-12-31 25 882
Russia’s government ru government.ru_ru_2024 2006-06-22 2023-12-30 17 137
Russia’s government (archived version) ru 2008-05-07 2013-05-21 7 103
Russia’s prime minister (archived version) ru 2008-05-07 2012-05-07 3 569
Russia’s Duma ru 2006-04-05 2023-12-30 29 094
Russia’s Duma (transcripts) ru 1994-01-11 2023-12-15 5 960

List of available datasets

Title Description Categories
archive.government.ru_ru_2024 Corpus based on the archived version of Russia’s government website (in Russian, 2008-2013) dataset, Russian institutions, Russian government, Russian language
kremlin.ru_en_2024 Corpus based on Russia's president website (in English, 1999-2023) corpus, full corpus, Russian institutions, Russia's president, English language
kremlin.ru_ru_2024 Corpus based on Russia’s president website (in Russian, 1999-2023) dataset, Russian institutions, Russian language
mid.ru_en_2024 Corpus based on the website of Russia's MFA (in English, 2003-2023) corpus, full corpus, Russian institutions, Russia's MFA, English language
mid.ru_ru_2024 Corpus based on the website of Russia's MFA (in Russian, 2003-2023) corpus, full corpus, Russian institutions, Russia's MFA, Russian language
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